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About us

Kahush’s mission is to create innovative, high quality gear that reflects our love and devotion to the outdoors. By utilizing hemp, the most versatile natural fiber around, we strive to meet our customers’ functional needs while addressing environmental concerns.

Kahush gear features hemp for a variety of reasons. Stronger and more durable than cotton. Sustainable. Versatile. Ecofriendly. Antimicrobial. Whether parking discs on the course, surfing the web, or having a much needed grooming session from a long day’s adventure, we have the gear for you.

The vast majority of products in the outdoor industry come from petroleum based products nylon or polyester. Cotton is grown with Herbicides/Pesticides, is a weak material unfit for most outdoor packs, and consumes a considerable amount of water to be grown. Animal based products such as leather are even worse using a considerable amount of resources to produce.

The market opportunity for Kahush is to take the strongest and most useful natural fiber, hemp, and create highly functional bags to reflect our love and devotion to the outdoors.

Hemp products are in a high-growing industrial revolution. As members of the sustainable business community, we aspire to be a part of the high-growing industrial revolution that changes antiquated laws, and re-legalizes the cultivation of industrial hemp.

Kahush is extremely proud to be acknowledged as the maker of The Most Functional Hemp Bags Ever. After 2 years of development and testing to insure a quality product, Kahush plans to launch a full hemp product line into waiting arms in 2017.

While we are focused on your everyday carry essentials, we saw the opportunity to create an environmentally friendly product for what is the fastest growing sport in the US. The sport of Disc Golf is growing by leaps and bounds both domestically and internationally. With disc golf being a great deal more sustainable than ball golf (it takes 2.5 billion gallons of water a year to maintain U.S ball golf courses) we saw an opportunity to marry an environmentally friendly textile with an environmentally friendly sport. This also gave us the ability to show off our product design skills and show how incredibly versatile Hemp can be... 

  • Hemp is a very environmentally friendly crop
  • Hemp requires no pesticides
  • Hemp needs little water
  • Hemp renews the soil with each growth cycle

  • In combination with disc golfs’ eco friendliness and a bag made out of hemp, we could see this being the most sustainable sport in the world.



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